:: Tube and square profile notcher

I would like to present to you our 2015 model hole saw style tube notcher. This tool is the perfect tube notching machine for steel fabricators that needs to assemble and weld tubes one to another at varying angles. This model can be mounted on a bench with four 12mm dia threaded screws or with some quick clamps and powered by a portable drill.
 The main base of this tube notcher is made of a 15mm plate steel, degree plate from 12mm steel, industrial needle bearings that are replaceable. The spindle is made of a 25mm dia stainless steel rod polished shaft for life longevity.
 The shaft end has two kinds of threads depending of the threads of the hole saw needed. This notcher can notch at different angles in a very short time (20-40sec) and has a capacity of 80mm OD tube or 80mm square profile side. We can help you with a big variety of different size hole saws, and we will give the sizes also in inch and mm.
 The 2015 model tube notcher has a very unique vise that can move back and forth, up and down adjusting the centerline of our specifique tube or profile. Of course we can do offset notches also where the centerlines of the assambled tubes  do'nt meet. On the main base of the vise are mounted two pairs of lasercut circle looking plates, that can be turned 45 degree, depending of the notching material: tube or square profile.
 Another possibility of using this vise removing the back pair of circle, we can notche tubes that are allready bended forming different arc shapes. With the magnetic angle finder and a little helper included to this tool we have the possibility to notch both ends of our tube on parallel or other different angles.
 Please take a look to our photos and to the moovie file.
 Price: 780€ plus shipping.

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