:: Chess statue for a chessmuseum in Budapest

I've managed to collect many used spare parts due to my car mechanic pre-life. One night the idea came and I did the first chess-piece. Then the other 2000 spare part pieces came together within a few month. If you have any so-called "crazy-ideas" just let me know !!

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:: Press for brake and fuel pipe clamp

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:: Minor changing on the 2013 modell englishwheel

On the new 2016 englishwheel the roll holder is replaced to the back side of the frame, like this remaining more place for the sheetmetal working.

Price: 1270€

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:: Logo from sheet metal, with some metalcraft taste

The letters can be shaped in any sizes even in 4 dimensions (in my view the 4. is time itself). The edge of the letters is made by some rollpairs caught in an englishwheel, which makes a simple graduality on the sheet surface.

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:: Iron head hammers

Hammers with different radius iron heads. The heads are made with threads and removable, the shapes of the head helps you to achive fast the best form on the metal plate. Price: 38 €

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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