:: Iron head hammers

Hammers with different radius iron heads. The heads are made with threads and removable, the shapes of the head helps you to achive fast the best form on the metal plate. Price: 38 €

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:: Clock from wood

Final shape under construction...,but when the time comes it will work and decorate the place even if it isn't as precise as a swiss made Doxa.

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:: Planishing hammer for bench top

Planishing hammer for little metal sheet parts. You can use it for shaping bike parts like gastanks etc. You can choose your own color. Price: 850 €

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:: Sexehex puzzle from wood

So this puzzle it's a really big challange. The autor of the puzzle is Livio Zucca italian matematician. He said: if you do'nt have a hell of luck, you need 3 lifetime to solve it. Theoreticly there is just one solution.

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:: Trike from stainless-steel

Recumbent on 3 wheels.

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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