:: Two roll bender for round and square bar bending

Bender tool for rods till 12mm, using different disc radiuses, making curves till 180 degrees.

Price: 465€

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:: Tube bender rolling pair

When purchasing a tube bender we usually get a wide V shape rolling pair, but unfortunatly using it the tube will never get a nice bending arc. In my workshop I can manufacture for you the perfect rolling pair, already bushed, for the right tube diameter. The rolling pair on the photo has a diameter of 80mm, is also 80mm wide, bushed with bearing rolls, made for a 20mm shaft.

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:: Our first exhibition on EMAT

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  Customipar az EMAT-on  

:: Trike from stainless-steel

Recumbent on 3 wheels.

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:: Handheld engish wheel

Handheld engish wheel

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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