:: Soap cutting squeeze

The mellow soap poured into a long square form can be cut in perfectly similar pieces. The press has a frame made of iron profile on which I welded right in the middle of the two sides one-one longitudinal roll-bear bushings. Two handles help the manual pressing procedure. The cutting-strings are stainless-steel wire, with a huge breakingstrength, that can be pulled to the needed tightness by fine threaded screws.

Price: 450€

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:: Schrinker-stretcher 2017

Price: 1300€

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:: Side thin anwills
More corners, minor-arc surface machining where access to normal sized rolls are problematic.

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:: More modelling

Some more picture gallery, hooping that you like-it.

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  Example of modelling  

:: Sexehex puzzle from wood

So this puzzle it's a really big challange. The autor of the puzzle is Livio Zucca italian matematician. He said: if you do'nt have a hell of luck, you need 3 lifetime to solve it. Theoreticly there is just one solution.

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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