:: Gastank for a chopper

I made it from a 1 mm iron plate. After the suitable measurements and cutting, I used the power hammer, english wheel, a little shrinking at the edges, then the final touch was TIG welding. So I'm ready to call to life any fuel tanks or re-design an old one. The price is like 250 €, depending about the form and complexity.

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:: Circular plate presse

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:: Shop of Leos Votruba

Hi's one of the most nown czeh bike-builder. He already had a lot of tools, but he added to his collection from main as well.

His website:


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:: Feet holder for a chopper

I turned special feetholders for a chopper called: El-Camino. The main piece is decorated with 4&6mm drilled halls, and are separated by polished aluminum rings. The steel spareparts were powder-coated. A similar one's budget is between 150-260€.

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:: Big pneumatic hammer for car shops

The stand pneumatic hammer is stronger, more rigid. I recommend for car, hot-rod, veteran parts.The size is larger than a desktop machine. This is also our own product, you can select colors, guarantee natural.

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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