:: New type of rolls for our english wheel

Price: 80€

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:: Trike from stainless-steel

Recumbent on 3 wheels.

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:: Radical Garage

Some sheetmetal shapes from the hands of Sandor Gorbe. He is using aswell english wheel, shrinker-stretcher, planishing hammer from our tools.

Take a look:


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:: Little profile rolling tool

This is a three rolls tool built in a frame. meant to create arcs and almost circles. The rolls made of C45 are heat-treated and bushed. The following materials can be used in the manufacturing process: ironplate 20x3, 20x4, 20x5mm; steelrod till 12mm diam; profile till 15x15mm. The so-called leader-rolls on the side can be changed to different diameters, depending on the width of the material you want to bend.

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:: Big pneumatic hammer for car shops

The stand pneumatic hammer is stronger, more rigid. I recommend for car, hot-rod, veteran parts.The size is larger than a desktop machine. This is also our own product, you can select colors, guarantee natural.

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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