:: Schrinker-stretcher 2017

Price: 1150€

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:: Gastank for a chopper

I made it from a 1 mm iron plate. After the suitable measurements and cutting, I used the power hammer, english wheel, a little shrinking at the edges, then the final touch was TIG welding. So I'm ready to call to life any fuel tanks or re-design an old one. The price is like 250 €, depending about the form and complexity.

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:: Making a model in Rhino3D

NEW SERVICE ! In 2012 I am offering you free modelling of your chosen item in Rhino3D. If you want to know how the item you dreamt about would look like, just send me a sketch of the tool, decoration item, unique things, or just write about it, and I will make a free drawing in 3D, and send it back to you. Like this you'll get a better picture of what you want and what you will get. About the programme itself: Rhino3D, if you want, after registration you can download the evaluation version from: www.rhino3d.com website. Here are a few pictures of what I meant.

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  Download Rhino3d  

:: 12mm dia. round aluminum bender

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:: Pneumatic hammer 2016 modell

In a few words: beautiful design, powerful laser-cut frame, more precise controls, technologically superior solutions. Bottom 5 CrMo replaceable anvil, respectively 3/4, 1,2,3-inch radius.

Price: 1050 €

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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