:: Stuffs for sailing boat
Attention sailers! Items for sailing boats for example stainless steel swallow-hole, bucks, rails. For an older sailing boat I made some stainless steel swallow-hole instead of the old copper one. For the buck running on four wheels I welded four lifting devices, so if it comes to a flat tyre you can change the wheel even when the ship is on it. I also made a rear leaving, and when there is no wind it is an excellent place from where you can jump into the water. I can also manufacture stainless steel rails for sailing boats. Have a look at the photos.
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:: Shotbag stand

Shotbag stand whith hammer end dolly holder.Included:1 shotbag,1 rubberplate,4 dollys,1 plastic bossing mallet. Price: 500 €

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:: New type of rolls for our english wheel

Price: 65€

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:: Flat and rod steel bender

Price: 300€

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:: Plastic bossing mallets

Hard plastic head mallets whith different radius shapes for sale. The handle made from thin stainless steel tube with hard wood inside and rubber grip. This combination gives to the hammer a wery good equilibrum and anti-rezonance ability. It's very abrasion-resistent using on the sheet-metal plate.The mallet is also our product, you can try it anytime. Price: 35 €

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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