:: Shotbag stand

Shotbag stand whith hammer end dolly holder.Included:1 shotbag,1 rubberplate,4 dollys,1 plastic bossing mallet. Price: 700 €

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:: 12mm dia. round aluminum bender

This tool was made for bending 12mm aluminum rod. The minimal radius was 15mm without crack.

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:: Logo from sheet metal, with some metalcraft taste

The letters can be shaped in any sizes even in 4 dimensions (in my view the 4. is time itself). The edge of the letters is made by some rollpairs caught in an englishwheel, which makes a simple graduality on the sheet surface.

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:: S form hook bender

Was a challange to build a perfect S hook bender tool. But the problem was solved.

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:: More modelling

Some more picture gallery, hooping that you like-it.

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  Example of modelling  


                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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