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:: Planishing hammer for bench top

Planishing hammer for little metal sheet parts. You can use it for shaping bike parts like gastanks etc. You can choose your own color.

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:: Tool holder panels

A perforated sheet welded on a 20 x 20 mm square profile. The standard size of the perforated sheet is usually 1000x2000mm or 1250x2500mm. I'm writing this, so that you would be able to calculate your needed size how is coming out from. Something very important: we are manufacturing unique sizes and it costs you half as much as the ready made europanels.

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:: Ring Roller for tube and pipe

You can bend with this tool tubes, or rolled steel(20-25mm dia), to obtain nice radiuses. Very easy to control and to use.

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:: Power Hammer

This machine is made with a 900 RPM motor, excenter, and speed variator. With the help of different dies we can doom, schrink-stretch, and add different shapes. The power hammer is 2m high, 1.6m deep, and the trought is 80 cm. The dollies are heat-treated Cr-Mo. Price: 2200 €

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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