:: Adapter for english wheel

These are two holders for the bead roller rolls, what we can use for our english wheel.

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:: More modelling

Some more picture gallery, hooping that you like-it.

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  Example of modelling  

:: Sexehex puzzle from wood

So this puzzle it's a really big challange. The autor of the puzzle is Livio Zucca italian matematician. He said: if you do'nt have a hell of luck, you need 3 lifetime to solve it. Theoreticly there is just one solution.

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:: Iron head hammers

Hammers with different radius iron heads. The heads are made with threads and removable, the shapes of the head helps you to achive fast the best form on the metal plate. Price: 38 €

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:: Hook shaping tool

In this case the task was to manufacture hooks from roundbar with a diameter of 8mm, in two lenght. After many trials I managed to make a fixing point at the corner of the slot, and the bending is made from one root (close to the bending point)by a bearing roll with the help of a power-handlebar. The second phase is the breaking of the hookstem so that the already hanged hook should stand vertically to the hanging point. The breaking of the 2 types of lenght is ensured by 2 types drilled powerbars. This process was a challengingly kind and visual one.

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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