:: Rope Presse

The task was to press a ready made stainless steel sleeve-nut on a steel cable without pneumatics, because the lenght of the cable is variable, according to where it has to be installed. The main tool had to be easily movable too. So the nut can be pressed in 6 places on the cable on two layers at 120 degree. I tried it to tore it...my 10 tonns press gave up... The priece was 220€.

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:: Ausbeulgarnitur Standard 7-teilig

A set made up of 7 pieces with Cr-Mo heat-treated heads and a 30mm black hard-plastic handle. The diameter of the heads is 40mm and it is built on CNC with arcs with gradual radius. It is grinded, polished, and heat-treated. A standard hand-dolly doesn't always meet our needs but according to my clients, this set makes it possible to get into the narrowest corners by using the suitable radius dolly.

Price: 235 €

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:: Ledersandsack Standard

Shot bags from cow leather, with diameter of 30 cm, and approximately 4-5 cm high when filled. It can be filled with dry sand, but the best is the lead-shot, that will make your job easier. Price: 42 €

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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