:: Schweifhammer

Hammers with different radius iron heads. The heads are made with threads and removable, the shapes of the head helps you to achive fast the best form on the metal plate. Price: 38 €

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:: Schlagstock, Spezial-Hartholz

These are hammers with different heads covered with tick leather. You get some spare leather strips as a present, too. The hammer is suitable for smoothing soft metals, thin sheets and buckles. Price: 24 €

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:: Spezial-Hartplastik Hämmer

Hard plastic head mallets whith different radius shapes for sale. The handle made from thin stainless steel tube with hard wood inside and rubber grip. This combination gives to the hammer a wery good equilibrum and anti-rezonance ability. It's very abrasion-resistent using on the sheet-metal plate.The mallet is also our product, you can try it anytime. Price: 35 €

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

Hand und Markierungswerkzeug, Originell Hammer