:: Rollenhalter

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:: Unsere 4. Generation Rollenstreckmachine

Tischaufbauleuchte Plasma geschnitten 2x12mm Rahmen Rollenstreckmashine zum Verkauf oder können bestellt werden. 7 pc CrMo unteren Rollen, feineinstellunge Steuerung mit Axiallagern. Das Plasma geschnitten Rahmen ist viel massiver Vergleich wie seine Vorgängern. Selbst gemacht Produkt, Garantie, Referenzen. Preis: 1150 €

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:: Kastanien Backofen 2. Foto-Galerie

The opportunity was given, a well known restaurant from the city wanted me to manufacture a chestnut baker from 200 l oil barrels. The challenge was that the design should fit the atmosphere of the restaurant and of the city and of course it should bake delicious chestnuts as well. The barrels were parted into 3 parts, from the bottom to the top: ashholder, fire area, chestnut baker. I made 15x15 mm rings from profile, on them I welded 2mm thick circles from sheet. All these were given in advance a special form according to their function. Finally these profile rings were fixed on the side of the barrel with M6 screws. At the bottom, for the sake of the design, I made 40mm holes to help the circulation of the air. The edge of the chestnut baker plate is made of 10mm dia. steelrod, the side of a 2mm sheet, the grill a 2mm perforated sheet. The lid 6mm dia. steelrod, on this I welded from a 1mm sheet a concave shape, made with the help of my englishwheel. The upper part was given a chimney and a chimney holder, on the bottom I fixed 2 wheels for easy transportation. The dominant colours are the black and silver. I loaded 2 photo galleries to have a better look at the work process itself. Hope you like it !!!

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:: Extrem Verstärkte Rollenstreckmaschine

Nicht verfügbares Product

Extrem Verstärkte Rollenstreckmaschine.

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:: Rohrausschleifer

Our tube notcher is made for bike and motor builder or any metal fabricator. The 25mm dia. stainless steel shaft rides on two needle bearings, allowing for  smooth, accurate cut.Able to do angle and offset notches. This tube notcher will notch up to 60mm dia. tube from 10 to 90 degrees. Uses standard,inexpensive bi-metal hole saws (not included).

Tube Capacity: 20mm OD to 60mm OD (Outside diameter).
Angle Capacity: 10 to 90 degree
Price: 550€

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

Sickenmaschine, Stauch-Streckmaschine, Rollenstreckmaschine, Ledersandsack und Hartplastikhammer, Formrollen, Profilebiege Maschine, Rohrausklinker, Rohrausklinkmaschine