:: Radical Garage

Some sheetmetal shapes from the hands of Sandor Gorbe. He is using aswell english wheel, shrinker-stretcher, planishing hammer from our tools.

Take a look:


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:: Rund und Quadrat Stahl 12 mm Biegung

This rod end squarebar bender has 3 kinds of changable rolls with a diameter of 50,70,90mm, so we can do 3 different curve bends. Our job is also easyer with the 2 prolongable powerbar.

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:: Stauch-Streckgeräte

Standfuß mit Fußbetätigung für Stauch-Streckgeräte.

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:: Ausstellung Panel 1.

Do you have something in your mind concearning decoration and advertising? Let me help you fulfill it. The material can be different perforated plates, with different tickness, then we can colour it according to your wish. In this picture you can see my own panel. Colours can vary no end.

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:: Ringbiegemachine für 20-25 mm rohr und profile stahl

The main tool is made from 10mm thick lasercut steel, the three axes made from 20mm dia C45. Working possibility inside and outside. Rolls dia 70mm. Rolls can be ordered custom, depending on the mesurements of tube, rod or square metal.

Price: main tool: 800€, custom rolls 3piece: 90€

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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