:: Edelstahl einzigartige Brunnen

Tiny pipes, big pipe-end closer, tiny drillings, careful welding, makes this many ways assambled fountain the germ of a well kept garden.

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:: Benzintank für Chopper

I made it from a 1 mm iron plate. After the suitable measurements and cutting, I used the power hammer, english wheel, a little shrinking at the edges, then the final touch was TIG welding. So I'm ready to call to life any fuel tanks or re-design an old one. The price is like 250 €, depending about the form and complexity.

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:: Schlagstock, Spezial-Hartholz

These are hammers with different heads covered with tick leather. You get some spare leather strips as a present, too. The hammer is suitable for smoothing soft metals, thin sheets and buckles. Price: 24 €

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:: Rollenhalter

Price: 130€

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

Sickenmaschine, Stauch-Streckmaschine, Rollenstreckmaschine, Ledersandsack und Hartplastikhammer, Formrollen, Profilebiege Maschine, Rohrausklinker, Rohrausklinkmaschine