:: Großbogen Rohrbiegemaschinen

You can bend with this tool tubes, or rolled steel(20-25mm dia), to obtain nice radiuses. Very easy to control and to use.

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:: Ausstellung Panel 1.

Do you have something in your mind concearning decoration and advertising? Let me help you fulfill it. The material can be different perforated plates, with different tickness, then we can colour it according to your wish. In this picture you can see my own panel. Colours can vary no end.

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:: Modellbau in Rhino3D

NEW SERVICE ! In 2012 I am offering you free modelling of your chosen item in Rhino3D. If you want to know how the item you dreamt about would look like, just send me a sketch of the tool, decoration item, unique things, or just write about it, and I will make a free drawing in 3D, and send it back to you. Like this you'll get a better picture of what you want and what you will get. About the programme itself: Rhino3D, if you want, after registration you can download the evaluation version from: www.rhino3d.com website. Here are a few pictures of what I meant.

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  Download Rhino3d  

:: Dekorative Rollenpaar für Rollenstreckmaschine

Abgestuften und unterschiedlichen Tiefenkurven .In Rollenstreckmaschine haben Zugang zu den konkaven Flächen. Wird es möglich, verschiedene Dekorationen, wie zum Beispiel Flammen, Totenköpfe, etc, und das alles in 3D erstellen.

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

Sickenmaschine, Stauch-Streckmaschine, Rollenstreckmaschine, Ledersandsack und Hartplastikhammer, Formrollen, Profilebiege Maschine, Rohrausklinker, Rohrausklinkmaschine