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:: Mobil Rohr Schraubstock, magnetischen Winkelmesser

The mobile pipe vise and the magnetic protractor you get free for the main tubenocher tool.

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:: 12mm Durchmesser Aluminium-Rundbiegemaschine

This tool was made for bending 12mm aluminum rod. The minimal radius was 15mm without crack.

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:: Handlager -Abzieher Presse

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:: Haken Werkzeugmacher

In this case the task was to manufacture hooks from roundbar with a diameter of 8mm, in two lenght. After many trials I managed to make a fixing point at the corner of the slot, and the bending is made from one root (close to the bending point)by a bearing roll with the help of a power-handlebar. The second phase is the breaking of the hookstem so that the already hanged hook should stand vertically to the hanging point. The breaking of the 2 types of lenght is ensured by 2 types drilled powerbars. This process was a challengingly kind and visual one.

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

Sickenmaschine, Stauch-Streckmaschine, Rollenstreckmaschine, Ledersandsack und Hartplastikhammer, Formrollen, Profilebiege Maschine, Rohrausklinker, Rohrausklinkmaschine