:: Radical Garage

Some sheetmetal shapes from the hands of Sandor Gorbe. He is using aswell english wheel, shrinker-stretcher, planishing hammer from our tools.

Take a look:


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:: Ausstellung Panel 2.

Different kinds of bending from round and square bar. Diameters: 4,6,8,10,12 mm.

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:: Rohrbiegen Rollenpaar

When purchasing a tube bender we usually get a wide V shape rolling pair, but unfortunatly using it the tube will never get a nice bending arc. In my workshop I can manufacture for you the perfect rolling pair, already bushed, for the right tube diameter. The rolling pair on the photo has a diameter of 80mm, is also 80mm wide, bushed with bearing rolls, made for a 20mm shaft.

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:: Werkzeugaufbewahrung

A perforated sheet welded on a 20 x 20 mm square profile. The standard size of the perforated sheet is usually 1000x2000mm or 1250x2500mm. I'm writing this, so that you would be able to calculate your needed size how is coming out from. Something very important: we are manufacturing unique sizes and it costs you half as much as the ready made europanels.

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:: Mobil Rohr Schraubstock, magnetischen Winkelmesser

The mobile pipe vise and the magnetic protractor you get free for the main tubenocher tool.

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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