:: Radical Garage

Some sheetmetal shapes from the hands of Sandor Gorbe. He is using aswell english wheel, shrinker-stretcher, planishing hammer from our tools.

Take a look:


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:: Powered Hämmer

This machine is made with a 900 RPM motor, excenter, and speed variator. With the help of different dies we can doom, schrink-stretch, and add different shapes. The power hammer is 2m high, 1.6m deep, and the trought is 80 cm. The dollies are heat-treated Cr-Mo. Price: 2200 €

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:: Bob Votruba Leos Werkstatt

Hi's one of the most nown czeh bike-builder. He already had a lot of tools, but he added to his collection from main as well.

His website:


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:: Metall-Logo

The letters can be shaped in any sizes even in 4 dimensions (in my view the 4. is time itself). The edge of the letters is made by some rollpairs caught in an englishwheel, which makes a simple graduality on the sheet surface.

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:: Werkstatt Bilden. Galerie 1.

I did some photos in the shop, about our metalshaping tools between the fabrication process.

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                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

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