:: Blechumformen Tisch

Shotbag stand whith hammer end dolly holder.Included:1 shotbag,1 rubberplate,4 dollys,1 plastic bossing mallet. Price: 700 €

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:: Ringbiege für 4,6,8,10 mm Rundstahl

This is a tiny tool, manufacturing marvelous arc sizes from 4,6,8,10mm steelrod, but whoever feel like creating iron rings with it, it's not a big deal. The rolls were bushed and turned from C45 steel. It was important for me, not to place the device in a cage, because if I make a ring then it cannot be taken out. The tool itself can be easily set in a clamp, after one-one squeeze with the help of the turning handle we can roll back and forth the given material. It can be used to make decoration stuff for arcs shaped bracings or even for making strong rings etc.

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:: Drücken für Brems- und Kraftstoffrohrschelle

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:: Wenig Wechsel auf dem 2013 Modell Englisch Rad

On the new 2016 englishwheel the roll holder is replaced to the back side of the frame, like this remaining more place for the sheetmetal working.

Price: 1450€

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:: Weitere modellierung

Some more picture gallery, hooping that you like-it.

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  Example of modelling  


                                 2009 Hevesi Gábor

Sickenmaschine, Stauch-Streckmaschine, Rollenstreckmaschine, Ledersandsack und Hartplastikhammer, Formrollen, Profilebiege Maschine, Rohrausklinker, Rohrausklinkmaschine